In the latest patch changes were made to leveling. Quite a few changes that should improve your leveling speed. The main change was having your flying mount (at a quicker speed) sooner. I have been leveling up a druid casually and this dramatically improved my leveling speed. Being able to fly and drop in on select quest objectives, dodging “trash” mobs I didn’t want to kill, then of course flying back DIRECTLY to the quest hubs, instead of following trails.

The coolest new addition to leveling is getting experience from battlegrounds. This discussion is completely server AND faction dependent because in some battle groups you there are problems with long queue’s and loss/win ratio.

However on my server I tend to have “nearly” instant queue’s, and I’ve been running Alterac Valley, where the objectives are still completed most of the time, whether you win or lose. From my experience so far my faction in the battlegroup is about 50/50 win ratio, based on the time of day. Which isn’t too bad at all.

The new experience addition comes every time you complete an objective inside of a battleground, or selected outdoor PvP areas.

Since every battle group is different you may want to test this out in different battlegrounds. But I prefer Alterac Valley. For instance, some battlegroups alliance might just dominate Arathi Basin, if so queue there for all your wins.

The exp you get per objective seems to be ALWAYS lower than completing a quest at the same level. However when you go on streaks (and like I said you want to find where your battlegroup dominates) you can complete objectives much quicker than quests at times.

This also eliminates traveling time. Traveling from quest hub to quest hub, and then to quest locations. Depending on how quick you are with leveling (and if you use one of the recommended guides) you could spend a lot of time trying to find quest mobs or quest items. So it could prove to be a much quicker leveling experience.

This is for PvP players (those of us who hate the grind of leveling, and prefer to spend our time in PvP situations. So there are also some other great side effects from leveling through PvP.

Honor Gain: While you are getting exp, you are also collecting honor (and tokens) that you can use to QUICKLY gear up at level 80. Previously if you were a PvPer, you had to first level up to 80, and then begin your honor grind. Now you can knock out some of this while you level.

PvP Practice: Even with the entire leveling grind, you have a chance to “learn” the effectiveness and playstyle of your character’s spells and abilities.. if you like to PvP chances are you might choose a different spec at level 80. This is entirely true on my Druid. I leveled up in Feral (until 71). Switched to Restoration at 71 so I could be an asset in PvP, and also practice my future spec.

Now the clear downside to this is that there will be a lot of under level players inside of battlegrounds.

Is this a real problem though?

If both factions have characters inside which are trying to level, the effect should theorectically play off of itself. (I’ve noticed a lot more lower levels on both factions inside of the BG’s.)

But I can still see a negative side to this.

However, even though I’m level 71 running Alterac Valley, I still consistantly stay at the top of the healing charts.. which is my role to play… so I think i’m contributing more than I am stealing from the good of the faction.

I will try to update this post with actual level speeds, or hourly experience rates. But I want you to do the same.

What’s your experience with PvP for leveling?