Hello all.  I thought it only logical to follow up my Elwynn Forest tour with one of Stormwind City…even though it’s been a while.  Stormwind City is the largest human city of Azeroth.  Used as a hub of travel by air, sea and land, Stormwind is a busy city for merchants, adventurers and travelers.

The main gates are very impressive with their twin look-out towers and massive iron-bound wooden gates.  The Stormwind lions are just the first examples of the wonderful stonework that pervades the whole city.  The most impressive of the fine stonemasons’ work to be found is in the Valley of Heros.  valley-of-herosThis walk from the main gates to the interior city wall is a lesson in humility and history for the new visitor to Stormwind.  Huge statues of the heros of the Alliance Expedition that went through the Dark Portal to the world beyond to seal the dimentional rift from the other side.   I would recommend to all adventurers that it is worth the time to stop and read the plaques on these statues at least once in their travels.  Farseer Umbrua, a shaman trainer, can be found relaxing in the Valley of Heros.

When you continue on through the inner city walls and into Stormwind City proper, the first district you will find yourself in is the Trade District.  trade-district-1The Trade District of Stormwind does a booming business.  The Alliance Auction House is in the main square and any enterprising adventurer should be able to get the most from their un-needed spoils.  Around the corner from the Auction House is the Guilded Rose, a very popular inn.  The Bank and a mailbox are both within easy walking distance of the Guilded Rose.  The Trade District has something for everyone with shops and vendors carrying just about any items imaginable.

North east out of the Trade District and across the Canals is Old Town.  Old Town is one of the oldest sections of Stormwind (if you hadn’t guessed from the name :) ) and is home to some of the city’s most infamous taverns, like The Pig and Whistle.  However questionable it’s reputation, The Pig and Whistle is one of the best places in town to learn cooking.  And it seems that upstairs in The Pig and Whistle, Kendor Kabonka is more than happy to sell any interested aspiring chef some rather interesting recipes.  Old Town, as well as being one of the more disreputable areas of Stormwind, is also home to the barracks.  Inside the barracks is where the Warriors train.  The Alliance Command Center, the offiers’ barracks and SI:7 are also in the barracks…along with the Rogue trainers.  Of course, one could expect no less from an organization like SI:7 than to employ Rogues and assassins.

If you head out of  Old Town through the north west tunnel and turn right, you will be facing Stormwind Keep.  Stormwind Keep is where King Varian Wrynn sits in power with his son, Anduin Wrynn at his side.  The Keep houses many interesting rooms within it’s impressive walls.  The first left as you walk up the hall from the entrance is a Garden.  Off the Garden can be found the Royal Library and the Royal Gallery.  throne-roomThe first right off the main hall is the Petitioner’s Chamber where the nobles awaiting an audience with the King can wait in comfort.  At the end of the hall from the main entrance is the Throne Room.  Directly through the Throne Room (please don’t forget to offer abeyance to the throne) is the War Room where the Battle Masters are available to commission adventurers for various skirmishes against the Horde.  The Royal Guard Room and the Royal Chapel are also located off the Throne Room.

Back outside and to the north of Stormwind Keep is the Dwarven District.  dwarven-districtThe Dwarven District is where the Hunter’s Guild has set up shop, along with the Miners, the Engineers and the Blacksmiths.  There is a persistant haze from the smelting that goes on in this district of the city.  I wanted to take a brief moment to mention Cut Throat Alley.  Cut Throat Alley can be accessed from a taproom on the Canal side of the Dwarven District facing Cathedral Square.  A short alley with only the one acess point, I found it a curiosity worth mentioning.

The other feature of the Dwarven District worth its own mention is the Deeprun Tram.  This Gnomish mode of transport takes the traveller from Stormwind to Iron Forge under the surface of Azeroth.  At one point, it traverses a tunnel in a lake. Sarra was particularly enamoured of this part of the trip.

I think I’ll end Part One of our Stormwind City Tour with the Deeprun Tram ride.

Be sure to check back for Part Two when I talk about the Stormwind Harbor, the Stormwind Stockade and the rest of this wonderful city. 

Until next time, be safe and have fun.

~ Zyrena