After completing my Gurubashi Arena achievement: Gurubashi Arena Grand Master, I’ve gone to this arena so many times! Over these many trips I picked up some strategy that can make this achievement easier for anyone who attempts to complete it. On one of my characters it only took me 3 days to complete the achievement.

Here’s 22 tips I’ve used to complete this achievement on a few of my characters.


Let’s start with the basics..

The Gurubashi Arena event is located in southern Stranglethorn Vale.

The event begins every 3 hours on based on your server time, starting at 12:00. (So.. 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, 9:00..etc). The event actually starts a few minutes before, but it takes a while for the chest to actually spawn (about 2-4 minutes after the hour).

Once the chest spawns all you have to do is open it. Simple right?

The Gurubashi is a PvA arena (player vs. all) so anyone who enters the arena is killable. Whoever shows up is in the running for the loot, and can pose a problem for you looting the chest.

The cast time of the chest has been changed to be longer than all CC in the game. So don’t think you can run in sap, cyclone, charge, cheap shot your way to victory. It may be part of a strategy, but it’s not that easy.

Here are the tips that I’ve gathered from my experiences here..

Tip #1) Have enough bag space! Have at least 5 open spaces in your bags so you can loot the chest without deleting items. Sometimes you will need to make a VERY quick loot.

Tip #2) Use Auto-Loot if you don’t already. For the same reason previously, sometimes you will need to make a quick get away. Having auto-loot enabled will get the contents of the chest unloaded quickly.

Tip #3) If you are focusing on this achievement, leave your character in the arena when you log out. This way you can log in (or switch characters) right on time for the arena. If you log out directly where the chest spawns it allows you to appear right on top of it. This can also catch other players off guard.

Tip #4) Always stay centrally located. DO NOT get dragged out of the arena! The chest spawns in the middle of the arena. You want to be in range to hit someone in case they try looting it. Stealth players and re-spawns can sneak a victory if not.

Tip #5) Keep your eye on the prize! If you are battling other players you should always keep a part of your screen focused on the chest. Don’t get occupied on a battle and have someone else sneak in to loot the chest.

Tip #6) Death Timers are your friend. Getting there a few minutes early you can begin clearing out some of the lower levels. Continue killing them so their resurrection timers build up. This will keep them out of your hair later on as the timers continue to climb.

Tip #7) Team Up! If someone comes to the arena that you don’t think you can kill ask them if they are there for the Arena Master (some people show up for the loot, or for the fun of it). If they aren’t there for the Arena Master, invite them to the group and work together.

Tip #8) On the other hand: Don’t team up! If the other players are there for the Arena Master don’t team up with them, even if you KNOW they can and will dominate you. (This event isn’t only about PvP). There’s things you can still do to get advantage over them.

Tip #9) On Tuesday Maintenance Days: The chest event usually begins shortly after the server comes up. I was waiting for my server to come back up and it did around 3:06 server time. I was frustrated! But I still flew down to STV for the arena. By the time I got there it was about 3:14, and the chest even was just beginning!

Tip #10) The best times for the arena are early mornings and late nights. (3am, 6am, 9am). If you are able to log-in quickly during these times do so! You will have little to no competition for the chest.

Tip #11) Always Show Up. Even if it’s peak time. Even if your /who says there are 49 level 90’s in STV. Always show up. I won the event at my server’s peak time ON pirates day when a lot of high levels were in STV just for the Pirate event. Of course a lot of them showed up.

Tip #12) Use Stealth to your advantage. If you show up before the event hide in places people wont look (I like to hide in front of the stairs, inside the arena). Don’t allow anyone to know you are there.

Tip #13) Stealth Classes: Speed Attack! Stand in the middle of the arena where the chest spawns. As soon as the chest drops begin looting it. Most players usually wait a few seconds, or are busy circling the arena looking for people to head inside. This works great.

Tip #14) Dead On Arrival: If you aren’t a stealth class you can create your own sneak attack by dying and having your corpse in range of the chest. Come back and wait for the arena announcement and wait for the chest to drop. Once it does resurrect and then loot it quickly. Same reasons from tip #13.

Tip #15) Teaming Up! If you are a lower level (or a weak high level haha) ask other high levels in the zone to team up with you. Offer them a reward for helping you (win or lose) even if it’s something small like 10-20g it will lead to them helping you. A lot of them will just come for the fun and excitement. Alternatively you can get friends or guild mates to help you.

Tip #16) Patience! This is the most important thing in the arena. If you see a few people fighting, you DON’T have to engage. This arena is all about timing and opportunity. It’s not about running in and smashing a bunch of buttons flexing your pvp muscle.

Tip #17) Drag Them Out! If you are getting help, or helping someone, and you can’t kill the person you are contending with, you can easily drag them out of the arena. Engage them lightly, and break for the arena ramps. Once you see them chase, the person who needs the loot should begin opening the chest.

Tip #18) Watch your resurrect timers. If you die in range of the chest you should only res to open the chest OR interrupt someone else from opening the chest (if no one else is around to do it). Watch the battles, when you see someone’s back turned chasing someone around the arena, try to sneak it resurrect and loot it! (I win many times because of this strategy. MANY times).

Tip #19) When dealing with level 90’s helping out a lowbie… continue to focus and kill the lowbie. Even if the level 90 kills you shortly after, if you can keep the lowbie down you can prevent the chest from being opened.

Tip #20) Delay Delay Delay – Even if there’s no way you can win the chest right now, always delay someone else from getting it. This could give you enough time for someone else to join the fight which could swing the situation for you, giving you opportunity shortly to open the chest.

Tip #21) Beware of the corpse! If you notice dead bodies anywhere in the arena, expect them to resurrect at anytime. A lot of people will die and log out waiting for the next event, to use the strategy I mentioned above.

And the most important tip that I can give you today…

Tip #22) Never Give Up… EVER! Even when you see a group of 5 people showing up for the chest, don’t give up. There’s so many times when I “shouldn’t” have won the chest by all means. But I still did..

Sometimes groups just show up to kill people. Other times they can get wiped by another group. They might ALL chase a player out of the arena (giving you enough time to loot it).

This is why you should never ever give up, always go for the win even if the odds look stacked against you!

Do you have any tips that I can add to the list? Or what did you think of the guide? Comment below! Your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated!