Enterprising Players Find Ways To Play Poker In-Game

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No official poker mini-game in WoW? No problem!

There are a lot of things that mark poker and World of Warcraft as fated compatriots. For example, WoW was first released back in 2004. Poker only achieved mainstream popularity a year earlier, in 2003. Millions of people sink countless man-hours into both these games. Some even split their time between the two. Both have even been featured in South Park!

22 Tips To Dominating The Gurubashi Arena

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After completing my Gurubashi Arena achievement: Gurubashi Arena Grand Master, I’ve gone to this arena so many times! Over these many trips I picked up some strategy that can make this achievement easier for anyone who attempts to complete it. On one of my characters it only took me 3 days to complete the achievement.

Here’s 22 tips I’ve used to complete this achievement on a few of my characters.


Let’s start with the basics..… Read More »

A New Way To Level?

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In the latest patch changes were made to leveling. Quite a few changes that should improve your leveling speed. The main change was having your flying mount (at a quicker speed) sooner. I have been leveling up a druid casually and this dramatically improved my leveling speed. Being able to fly and drop in on select quest objectives, dodging “trash” mobs I didn’t want to kill, then of course flying back DIRECTLY to the quest hubs, instead of following trails.… Read More »

Cataclysm: Race and Class Mergers

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The new expansion is coming soon for WoW, and that means tons of new changes and additions! New content is always great for the game.

There will be many changes that come to the game, depending on your style of play; some will be good, some will be bad. But as we discussed before on many blog posts all you have to do is adapt and adjust. Pay attention to the new changes that will be hitting and you will have no problem conquering new content.… Read More »

Large Update To Our Guides

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We have a very large update to our guide sections here.

After long hours of development we have launched brand new sections to WarcraftLegion.com. The incredible staff here produced some awesome Class Guides, and Profession Guides 1-450 Leveling.

The class guides cover each class from head to toe, giving you the weakness and strengths of the class, how to play them, and sample leveling specs that you can use. We even cover the important stats that are crucial for your character and how they benefit your class.… Read More »

Stormwind City Tour Part Two

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Hello again.  I’m back with the second part of our Stormwind City Tour.  We’ll pick up right where we left off last time.  The next district of Stormwind City we’ll visit is Cathedral Square.

To the south west of the Dwarven District is Cathedral Square.  cathedralCathedral Square is home to, of course, the Cathedral of Light.  The Paladins and Priests go here for their training but there is also a very kind medic willing to teach First Aid to any adventurer who may want to be able to look after some of the injuries they are sure to aquire during their travels.  Cathedral Square is also where the Stormwind Orphanage is located.  The Matron there is looking for adventurers to assist with improving the plight of the orphans during Children’s Week and at Hallows End.… Read More »

Stormwind City Tour Part One

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Hello all.  I thought it only logical to follow up my Elwynn Forest tour with one of Stormwind City…even though it’s been a while.  Stormwind City is the largest human city of Azeroth.  Used as a hub of travel by air, sea and land, Stormwind is a busy city for merchants, adventurers and travelers.

The main gates are very impressive with their twin look-out towers and massive iron-bound wooden gates.  The Stormwind lions are just the first examples of the wonderful stonework that pervades the whole city.  The most impressive of the fine stonemasons’ work to be found is in the Valley of Heros.  valley-of-herosThis walk from the main gates to the interior city wall is a lesson in humility and history for the new visitor to Stormwind.  Huge statues of the heros of the Alliance Expedition that went through the Dark Portal to the world beyond to seal the dimentional rift from the other side.   I would recommend to all adventurers that it is worth the time to stop and read the plaques on these statues at least once in their travels.  Farseer Umbrua, a shaman trainer, can be found relaxing in the Valley of Heros.… Read More »